How We Do It

Caring Capital custom-designs a variety of scalable team-building events and pairs your organization with a charity or cause. We help you build effective, enthusiastic teams, no matter how large or small. You will see the benefits both in the workplace and in the community your employees and you touch.

Some industries we serve include:
  • Global pharmaceutical, hospitality, and financial services companies
  • Local accounting, consulting, utility, and technology firms
  • Executive coaching firms
  • Retail, fashion, food and beverage

When you engage Caring Capital, you’re demonstrating a commitment to team-building as part of your corporate culture. The impact of our events is that employees have a heightened appreciation for team-building as part of their corporate culture and our purpose-driven experiences offer something for everyone.

We offer three types of experiences:

Professionally Led Team Events

Professionally-Led Events

Our Professional Teaching Artists set up and manage events from start to finish.

Self Guided Team Events

Self-Guided Events

We pack and ship everything required for a turn-key program, including supplies and a comprehensive Manager’s Guide.

Personal Project Kit Events

Personal Project Kits

We provide all the supplies and instructions for individual employees to make gifts on their own – on the road, at their desks, or at home with their families.

Event Types

We work with organizations on a variety of events and excel at tailoring an event to fit your needs.

Talent Management Events

  • On-boarding New Hires
  • Learning and Leadership Development
  • Executive Summits
  • Training Coaches / HR Managers
  • Engaging Interns

Business Events

  • Sales Meetings
  • Town Halls
  • ERG Gatherings
  • Annual Meetings
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions

Employee Special Events

  • Day / Month of Service
  • Diversity Day
  • Family Day
  • Take Your Children to Work Day
  • Holiday Celebrations