How do you help employees connect on a personal level, enabling friendly relationships to fuel productivity?


Caring Capital guided an award-winning custom-software development company in shaping a fresh approach to its annual year-end holiday party. Instead of a weeknight dinner for employees, the firm hosted a Saturday afternoon celebration for entire families, during which guests built bookcases for children at risk and in need. Caring Capital:

  • Set up stations for each family to build and paint a bookcase
  • Guided families as they shaped design plans, then offered low-key support for construction and decorating
  • Provided all the supplies and instructions required to ensure a successful outcome


  • Employees met one another’s spouses, children and parents and exchanged family stories throughout the afternoon
  • Colleagues gained insights into one another’s backgrounds, habits and interests
  • Parents discovered construction and decorating skills in their children
  • Employees tapped a different set of creative skills and took pride in their tangible achievements
  • The company donated 20 bookcases to Reach Out and Read, an organization that gives new books to pediatricians serving at-risk communities, providing doctors with storage space for their books before giving them to low-income children


“On December 3rd, I was part of a wonderful holiday celebration. We were given blank journals and asked to decorate them and to write a message inside for participants in Dress for Success. The journals will be used to keep career related notes on job interviews, training and other thoughts. It was such a personal act: coming up with a design and a message that a stranger would have and read and carry with them as they embark on a new, hopeful chapter in their lives. I am grateful for the reminder that something that is easy and fun to do can make a huge difference in another person’s life!”