How do you rally employees to provide disaster relief in a muscular way that boosts long-lasting collegiality?


It’s wonderful when employees donate funds toward disaster relief – and it’s an act performed alone. Imagine shaping a charitable experience that sparks collaboration, makes an instant impact, and prompts employees to feel long-lasting pride in themselves and in their employer!

In response to the jarring separation of migrant children from their families at the U.S. Mexico border, Caring Capital:

  • Identified a tri-state area agency housing 60 migrant children
  • Learned the children desperately needed backpacks in which to store their few belongings
  • Invited clients to decorate and donate our backpacks


Within 24 hours of the invitation, four companies ordered a total of 60 Backpack Bundles, each including a Pack, Baseball Cap, Journal and colored pencils, and:

  • Formed teams to decorate the Bundles
  • Held a toy and gift-card drive, then tucked the extra goodies in the Packs
  • Shipped the plump gifts to the social service agency
  • Provided a Backpack Bundle to each child and thus conveyed, ‘You are not alone and not forgotten.’
  • Celebrated their impact for good by posting team photos on their company intranets
  • Enjoyed quiet pride in their collective commitment to community


We had a great crowd and participants consistently said that it felt so good to do something to be supportive of these children. Thanks for sending this to us and helping our employees feel they are making a difference in our world.

Fortune 100 Insurance Company