How do you convey your company’s commitment to service, to your employees and members of their families?


A global pharmaceutical firm hosted Family Day, featuring a broad array of engaging activities for guests of all ages, from science demonstrations to carnival rides. Caring Capital staffed several hands-on creative stations at which family members made gifts to donate to those at risk or in need. After it was decided which nonprofit organizations the client would support, Caring Capital:

  • Determined appropriate gifts to make for each nonprofit
  • Positioned teaching artists at each station to guide guests
  • Provided all the supplies and instructions required for no-fail success
  • Gave each guest a note card to write a personal note of encouragement
  • Delivered all gifts to the nonprofit recipients


Hundreds of employees, their significant others, children and parents experienced the fun of being creative while making an impact. Further, the company:

  • Donated hundreds of gifts to nonprofit clients at risk or in need
  • Tapped an appealing way to connect children to their parents’ employer
  • Provided family members with a way to play together, ensuring that everyone could contribute with equal success


I never realized how good I would feel doing something nice for someone else. And you made it so easy for me to do that!