How do you help employees feel good about themselves and their employer during a business gathering, thus boosting loyalty and productivity?


Weave charitable experiences into ongoing events, allowing employees to make an impact while achieving other goals as well. From a Town Hall to a Sales Conference to a Holiday Party, companies can:

  • Publicize the project (with a photo) in all pending meeting announcements
  • Assign a few employees to create ‘buzz’ and encourage participation
  • Set up a drop-in Project Station adjacent to the Refreshments Table
  • Post Project Instructions or ask a Caring Capital Master Teaching Artist to guide guests
  • Display finished Projects to draw further participation and spark applause


Caring Capital staffed a Communal Heart Collage Station at a company’s Business Solutions Holiday Party. As 400 employees danced, chatted, and roamed among food stations, they also:

  • Created a colorful 3” tile to fill two 30” Collage wall hangings
  • Connected, laughed, and strengthened friendly ties
  • Photographed their handiwork to share with family and friends
  • Felt pride in the impact their collective kindness would have when their artwork hung in an agency for children mourning a parent’s death


It was a real pleasure to host your warm team. We loved creating the collages! I’ve taken pictures myself to share with my family because they look so incredibly beautiful.

Global Pharmaceutical Firm