How do you convey to summer or short-term interns your company’s passion for a cause in a meaningful, memorable way?


A global telecommunications company engaged Caring Capital to educate 400 summer interns in eight cities on the company’s commitment to fighting domestic violence. We:

  • Provided turn-key hardcover journal projects – gifts for women recovering from domestic violence – to eight offices nationwide, including comprehensive Manager’s Guides, Instruction Sheets and all required supplies
  • Structured the projects for interns working in pairs to ensure that individuals bonded with each other while doing good
  • Identified domestic violence shelters in each city, introduced shelter executives to our client, and arranged for an agency speaker to address each group of interns
  • Trained each local project coordinator on easy steps to prepare, set up, and host the events, remaining within consulting reach until all projects were complete


Participants produced and donated nearly 200 journals to local shelters and:

  • Bonded with fellow interns on an emotional level
  • Felt pride in their employer for supporting such a critical cause
  • Local offices embraced their new nonprofit partnerships, in some cases providing follow-up in-kind support as well as year-end holiday gifts
  • Affirmed that even IT and engineering pro’s welcome the chance to pay it forward


“It was great to work with you and the rest of the Caring Capital team. Now that the event is successfully concluded, I feel I can share my secret hesitation. I was mildly worried at how our very technical/analytical group of mostly Engineers and IT professionals would take to the activity. Clearly it was needless worry! I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the event. I continue to receive ‘selfies’ from the employees sharing how much they got out of the event.”

Senior Consultant, Leadership Development Programs