How do you keep energy levels high after sharing business updates during a Town Hall with your extended team?


Many clients invite Caring Capital to lead a charitable team-building event immediately after their Town Halls. For one of the world’s largest hospitality companies, distinguished by its passion for protecting the environment, we:

  • Forged a partnership with the county’s premier food pantry and community garden
  • Created project stations to accommodate the Town Hall’s audience of 200 employees. Associates worked in teams to build children’s picnic sets, garden planters, giant butterfly pillows, and wooden seedling caddies to plant herbs and spices
  • Invited staff from the two nonprofit partners to kick off the event with moving remarks


Participants learned about two key community resources and:

  • Bonded with colleagues on an emotional level
  • Felt proud of their employer for supporting such a critical cause
  • Produced 4 picnic sets, 10 planters, 30 caddies and 50 pillows
  • Made projects that underscore the company’s core values


Keep doing what you’re doing. The time allotted, the project scope and the target audience for the gifts were all perfect.

Global Telecommunications Company