How do you help a global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company showcase to new hires its community outreach commitment in an unforgettable way?


Caring Capital wove a philanthropic team-building component into the company’s routine on-boarding program. To make clear the firm’s passion for service, we:

  • Design and lead a team-building event for new hires on the first day of their welcoming orientation
  • Describe hands-on examples of the company’s commitment to service
  • Introduce each new group to a nonprofit agency the group will help
  • Divide the new hires into teams and lead them in making Fleece Blanket & Pillow Sets for homeless families or Backpacks with school supplies for low-income children at risk and in need


Our hands-on experience benefits new employees in several ways:

  • They ‘walk the walk,’ instantly understanding the seriousness of the company’s commitment. Doing is far more powerful than simply hearing about
  • The newcomers start to bond across departments and functions, getting to know each other on a distinctly more personal basis than they can while listening to orientation lectures
  • Nervous about how successful they may be in their new jobs, employees savor this opportunity for no-fail achievement
  • Like all employees, new hires embrace the chance to pay it forward and voice gratitude to an employer who recognizes the import of these acts


“The team-building was invaluable as half the participants were new and this was the first time they were meeting their colleagues. This was FANTASTIC – working together, getting to know each other, being able to do something meaningful for patients.”