How do you convince ace executive coaches that purpose-driven team-building sparks many HR benefits?


An executive coaching firm that develops global leaders and high-performing teams sought to broaden training options for its own coaches. The firm engaged Caring Capital to lead 24 coaches in a unique team project. We:

  • presented an overview on the power of group problem-solving as a coaching tool, noting that:
    • a shared challenge flattens the hierarchy by requiring everyone’s participation
    • tackling unique problems shifts people from their usual roles and reveals unexpected skills
    • working together in unexpected ways requires trust, which once established, shifts work relationships in positive ways
  • split the coaches into two groups to create Magic Carpet Play Rugs for low-income children at risk


Participants donated 2 Magic Carpets to a preschool serving low-income children and:

  • Bonded as fellow coaches loyal to one consulting firm
  • Applauded the firm’s drive to add to their ‘coaching tool boxes’
  • Embraced a unique new selling point to enhance their marketing appeal


“Whereas the experience of charitable giving is rich in itself, it also provides an excellent practice ground for strengthening team behaviors, such as conflict management, communication, trust building, and accountability. While the teams are working on their projects, we help them use the experience as a real-time case study – an opportunity to look at their teamwork and dynamics and identify new and better ways to work together to achieve results. It’s a win-win!”