We have engaged more than 44,000 employees, facilitated events in 28 states and donated gifts worldwide.

For almost 10 years, Caring Capital has been customizing, developing, and delivering interactive team-building programs to clients throughout the United States and beyond.

We know that every organization is different, and we tailor each event to address the specific needs of our clients. Our facilitators and artists offer the ideal combination of experience, customization and energy to develop the best team-building program for your group.


Caring Capital empowers corporate volunteers to make useful gifts that have an immediate impact for neighbors in need. Through our proven and unique philanthropic team-building services, employees engage, connect and create to provide meaningful contributions to the community.


Caring Capital will advance corporate philanthropy through our unparalleled, socially engaging team-building services. By empowering volunteers to embrace the act of giving through creative collegiality, and upbeat and powerful teambuilding experiences, we bring people closer together and advance the common good.

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Our events bring teams together to work on a charitable group project, with an end result far beyond the conference room!

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