How do you engage hundreds of employees in supporting one cause nationwide when they work in dozens of states, multiple locations and – in many cases – as agents without an office in which to bond with colleagues?


After consulting closely with leaders of the company’s annual Month of Service, Caring Capital:

  • Created an online custom catalog featuring projects hand-selected for the client’s targeted recipients, children at risk
  • Led a conference-call orientation on steps to order and execute projects
  • Researched, recommended and introduced appropriate nonprofit organizations to our client’s local offices, thus providing them with gift recipients
  • Shipped comprehensive self-guided projects to offices nationwide


Through our partnership, the company witnesses a dramatic impact:

  • Roughly 2,000 employees in 19 offices made gifts for children at risk
  • One office offered options: Group Events as well as Personal Project Kits to complete at home. Employees loved making gifts with their families, turning the experience into the company’s first-ever teachable moment.
  • The number of Month of Service volunteers nearly doubled, given the ease of paying it forward at the office, rather than having to leave work to volunteer.


I never realized how good I would feel doing something nice for someone else. And you made it so easy for me to do that!